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              Octanoyl chloride

              Octanoyl chlorideProduct name: Octanoyl chloride

              Alias: Capryloyl chloride; n-octanoyl chloride,(Capryloyl chloride); n-Capryly chloride; n-Capryloyl chloride; octanoic acid,chloride; octanoic chloride,OCTANOYL CHLORIDE(OTCL)
              CAS NO.: 116-64-8
              EINECS: 203-891-6
              Molecular formula: C8H15CLO
              Molecular weight: 162.66
              Physical and chemical properties: Density 0.953, melting point -63℃; boiling point 195℃, refractive index 1.434-1.436, flash point 75℃, water solubility REACTS
              Use: Used as liquid crystal intermediate